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We are proud to introduce Alki as our 'lead painter' at Modern Painting Inc.  While his role is vital to the success of our company, his expertise is fortified by 33 years of painting experience in Athens, Greece.  The demands of painting in Greece exceed what is required here in the United States, due to the fact that most of their painting projects warrant the use of oil-based products.  Alki's experience encompasses all phases of painting - from preparation to finish.  Professional painters in Greece are also required to be experts in the art of skim coating.  This elevates Alki to the level of "highly skilled painter," with the tools to transform even the most unsightly surfaces into smooth works of art before a drop of paint ever hits the wall.  He has become a legal resident of the United States, and plans on making South Florida his permanent home.  We wish him the very best, and welcome him with open arms.  We are proud to have Alkiviadis Theocharis leading our staff at Modern Painting Inc,  opening the door to a colorful future.



All painting experience is not alike, and quality experience is never one-dimensional.  In the painting business, experience is considered to be "invaluable" because we cannot distinguish how much it is truly worth.  Let's just say it's worth a "ton" of self-assurance.  The most common  form of painting experience is derived through years of repetition rather than teachings.  When a professional painter possesses a high level of experience, you can be sure that this individual has made many mistakes along their journey.  It is through a lengthy process of trial and error that painters are able to acquire the title of "journeyman."  I'm proud to call myself a journeyman, and my painting journey has been a memorable one.  


I am a former galleries painter for the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.  My responsibilities included keeping the museum freshly painted at all times.  I was directed to maintain "select" galleries on a daily basis.  This taught me the art of touch-up painting.  New shows were introduced three to four times per year;  I was responsible for making color renovations on all new construction.  This taught me how to make applications to new drywall.  I painted around the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, and Monet regularly... this taught me how to be diligent in my work.  


Working alongside renowned curators was a genuine education, and the opportunity to paint professionally for a world famous museum was the chance of a lifetime.  I took advantage of that chance, and now I get to share my painting experience with South Florida.

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