At Modern Painting Inc, we employ a comprehensive range of painting services geared to

beautify your home or business, as well as ensure that the proper procedures go into effect

before the painting process is completed.  For example;  it's important to always power wash the exterior of a home before doing surface repairs because it is a fundamental part of the process.  Removing dirt and debris from the exterior facade is necessary to establish a clean surface that's prepared to receive the suitable amount of caulk/patch necessary to seal  it properly.  It is ill-advised to caulk or patch over areas that harbor dirt or sand.  Caulking over these areas would only reduce the caulk's effectiveness over time, and create a need to repeat this process again in the near future.  When these vital steps are skipped, it is then that the overall project becomes compromised.  That's why it is essential to deal with a reputable painting company when undertaking a complex painting project;  because reputable companies employ professional painters.  These pros will also possess a keen eye for detail which is vital for a "finished" look.


My word of advice:  "When a painting quote sounds like an incredible bargain, it's likely that the painting company is not reliable;  and you can be sure they employ personnel who are incapable of painting at a professional level."


Our services include:

   • Final Phase New Construction Detail

   • Interior-Exterior Painting

   • Caulking 

   • Stucco Repair

   • Wallpaper Removal

   • Wall Repair & Texture Matching 

   • Skim Coating

   • Popcorn Ceiling Removal

   • Power Washing

   • Deck/Dock Restoration

   • Roof Painting & Sealing

   • Concrete Staining/Sealing

   • Patio & Driveway Staining/Sealing

   • Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinet Restoration

   • Wood Staining/Polyurethane 

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